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Billboard's 10 Greatest Rappers of All Times: Where the F*ck is Pac?

Posted on November 20 2015

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The debate over which rappers are the greatest of all time has been fought since rap came on the scene. It usually ends up being a heated subject and (at least in my own experience) never ends with any sort of resolution or agreement from the two sides. With that being said, Billboard decided to throw in their two cents the other day and release their 10 Greatest Rappers of All Time list.

First, let's take a look at the list.

10. Lil Wayne
9. Kendrick Lamar
8. Ghostface Killah
7. Lauryn Hill
6. Andre 3000
5. Nas
4. Rakim
3. Eminem
2. Jay Z
1. Notorious BIG

Now, I know I can't be the only one that read this list and said "where the fuck is Pac?". 

I decided to go to the source and read it from Billboard themselves. So, here's their reasoning. 

"We're ranking MCs, not artists. That's why Dr. Dre, Kanye,...even Tupac...were left out."

I was hoping I would find some formula or criteria which would make me say oooh, that's why Tupac didn't make the list but LAURYN HILL did. I did not find that reassurance. If anything, their disclaimer made it more confusing for me. Now don't get me wrong, I love Ms. Hill as much as the next, but there's a reason her debut solo album didn't get nominated for a Grammy in the Best Rap Album Category. The Academy criteria states that at least 51 percent of an album must contain rapping. Just my opinion, but Lauryn doesn't have enough material to be considered an MC.

Anyways, I know that anytime a list is put out, especially one of this nature, someone is going to be pissed off about something. I guess I would have just preferred a little more information on the metric used, or a disclaimer that this is someone's opinion.

OK, rant over. What are your thoughts? Who's in your Top 10?

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  • ALIGANYIRA BOSCO: October 09, 2019

    who the fucck are you, never joke with a field matial"2pac" the legend

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