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DJ Tony H: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Posted on December 03 2018

For this week's Music Monday, I'm excited to spend some time getting to know more about the Late Night Munchies boss man, Tony H. 

Not only is he a DJ and producer of some bangin house and tech house tracks, Tony H also happens to be the owner and operator of the Late Night Munchies record label, where he continues to surprise and innovate in the electronic music scene. 

This guy is doing some big things, and if you haven't heard of him yet, you're sure to soon enough. It's hard to ignore someone who is coming up as fast as he is in the underground dance scene.

Even with everything he's got going on, he took the time to answer some of our most pressing questions and even put together an exclusive mix for all you Fifty Six North fans. Check out our Q&A and his mix below. And be sure to follow him on social, because you don't want to be left behind on this crazy ride he's taking us on.



56: To start, I hear it's your birthday tomorrow! Happy birthday, man! Any big plans?

TH: Thanks! Super excited. Turning 28 and have no plans haha, Just going to be hanging out with friends, chillin' and probably working on some new music.

56: Tell us a little bit about yourself! I met you in Alaska, but where are you originally from? What’s your favorite style of music? What’re your hobbies besides creating music and DJ’ing? You know, anything we should know about what makes you tick!

TH: So I am originally from Panama City, Panama but was also a military kid growing up due to my dad being in the Army. So besides growiing up and living in Panama, I have lived in Florida, Virginia, Alaska and Korea. My favorite style of music besides house music would be old school hip hop and r&b. Creating music and DJing are really my two main things but I also run a podcast called The Drive-Thru where I invite different djs and producers to do a guest mix. It started off as something just to do and turned into much more. I've been able to feature some really dope people like Marshall Applewhite, Whitney Fierce, Lux Groove, Hector Moralez and many more.

56: Where can people find your music or follow you on social media?

TH: You can find me on Facebook @DJTonyH507 which is the same handle I use for my Instagram and Twitter. On Soundcloud it's just

(You can find all of his links at the end of this article)

56: How did your music career start? Who or what was your biggest influence?

TH: My music career started almost 10 years ago. I started djing in a Hostel called Lunas Castle. The owners let me host a college night on Wednesday nights and from there I played locally around Panama and then in Alaska when I moved there andddd now in Seattle. My biggest influences as far as artist go would be Jamie Jones, Loco Dice, Hector Couto, Claude VonStroke, Lee Foss and so many other artist. I can definitely include my parents on that list at #1 who always surrounded me with music whether it was Salsa, Hip Hop, Reggae, House and or something else.

56: What was the first venue you played? What has been your favorite place to perform so far?

TH: The first venue I played would have been Lunas Castle in Panama and shortly after Pure Lounge which is also in Panama. I have been fortunate enough to also get to travel and play in different cities and venues. I would have to say 3 of my favorite places that I've played would be Koots in Anchorage, AK, then it would be MIA in Vancouver, BC and lastly The Flamingo House in Sacramento, CA.

56: What do you have coming up on your calendar? Any shows we should know about or new music releases?

TH: Coming up on my calendar I'll be playing in Oakland, CA for Housebroken Events at RhythmBrix581 on December 14th. Then on December 21st I'll be back in Seattle playing an event curated by NorthLeft which I am a resident of at Timbre Room and then on New Years days I'll be playing Shameless annual party at Monkey Loft that I am SUPER stoked for because I was out of town last year for it but had heard soooo many good things about the event. As far as music releases, I just had an EP drop last Friday on Sheppard Records based out of Vancouver, BA. That EP is called Acid 101. Little bit of Acid House and some Tech House on that one. I also have upcoming released on Tilted Records (Seattle), Build It Tech (Seattle), Krafthaus Records (Seattle), Admit One Records (San Francisco) and waiting on a couple of other tracks to get picked up. But lots of new music coming soon from me!

56: When most people think of the Seattle music scene, grunge comes to mind. What’s the electronic scene like there? How is it as an emerging artist?

TH: The electronic scene here is AMAZING. It has such a wonderful community that supports each other in many ways and I am so glad to be a part of it. Shout out to the Seattle Church of House Music! Sounds weird saying or thinking that I am an emerging artist but it's been great. I get a crazy amount of support but the most important part is to support and help each other. Thats a big deal for me so I definitely enjoy showing up to other crews and friends events to support them.

56: When did you start the Late Night Munchies label and how did that come about?

TH: I started the label in 2015. It has been some rollercoaster ride but it came about because I got tired of waiting on labels to respond when I would send demos out and I figured why not just start a label and give myself a platform to share my music but also a platform for a lot of locals who also wanted to put out music but were either going through the same thing as me or just didn't know how.

56: What was it like starting up a label? Do you have any advice for those just dipping their toes in?

TH: Starting a label was interesting on both the legal side and the side where you are trying to reach out to friends and other producers to send you music to get things rolling. SET DEADLINES! Lol! That is so important for yourself and for who ever you are working with. Definitely reach out to any friends you have that run a label and ask questions. In my case one of the first people I reached out to was Astronomar who is a homie and runs the Main Course record label. He gave me a lot of good advice to get me started.

56: How many people do you have on the Late Night Munchies roster these days?

TH: I currently have 80 producers on the roster. Wow! That's crazy! This is the first time I've actually counted how many artist are on the label haha.

56: Now let’s get into some random stuff. What’s been the craziest or most memorable thing to happen to you on this journey?

TH: That is a great question and such a hard one to answer cause I've shared so many dope moments. One moment that stands out was getting to play the Festivus Festival in Rock Creek, BC this past summer. Let me tell you something, Canadians know how to party for sure! Another moment would be opening for Donald Glaude about 3 or 4 years ago and then running into him in Seattle after I moved here and him remembering me and then being direct support for him shortly after by request by him. That was fucking awesome!

56: Club, festival, or house party?

TH: DEFINITELY House Party! I love club and festival sets but house parties are just so much fun!

56: If you could play any festival, past or present, what would it be?

TH: I have been to Movement in Detroit in 2016 and 2017 and is definitely a festival I would love to play. Dirtybird BBQ and Campout would be 2 other ones I would absolutely LOVE to play!

56: If you could collab with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be?

TH: My first choice would be Claude VonStroke and after that I would say Carl Cox, Nicole Moudaber, Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Sade, Frankie Knuckles, DJ Sneak, and Green Velvet.

56: Along the same lines, who is your biggest inspiration currently or who are you really feeling right now?

TH: Again it would definitely have to be Claude VonStroke. I have been a Dirtybird fan since 2005 and have absolutely loved everything his team has done with the label and parties and releases and artwork. Some other artist that Have been killing it lately and that have definitely been on my radar for some time now would be Emuh, VNSSA, Eric Mark, Lucati, Jon Lee, Will Easton, Namara, Michael Bibi, Damon Hess and Doctor Boom.

56: What’s your guilty pleasure song?

TH: Ooo man there are so many but I'll choose 2. First one would be Sade - Smooth Operator, then it would have to be Bell Biv DeVoe - Poison.

56: Biggie or Tupac?

TH: This is not a fair question hahaha but I am going to have to go with Biggie cause my dad loved to rec

56: One for all the producers out there, what are three plug ins you can’t live without?

TH: Massive, Little AlterBoy and ElectraX

56: And last but not least, what else do you have on the horizon that your fans might be interested to find out about? Anything you want to plug?

TH: Well one thing to look forward to is more traveling and playing in different cities in 2019. Of course keep up to date with The Drive-Thru podcast (on Soundcloud, Podbean & iTunes) because I have a lot more guest coming on the show next year. But one HUGE announcement that is coming in 2019 is the sister label to Late Night Munchies called Munchies After Dark. I am SOOOO excited to start a second label with the main focus for this label being strictly Acid House and Techno. We are still finalizing a couple of things but look for the label to launch in mid January - early February!

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