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Reality TV for people who love streetwear? I’m there for it. PAQ delivers weekly doses of guilty pleasure.

Posted on August 11 2018

This is not your mom’s reality TV show. Or maybe it is. If that’s the case, your mom is not a regular mom. She’s a cool mom.

I’ve got to admit. I’m a sucker for a good reality tv show. Actually, I’m a sucker for pretty much everything this show is about; reality tv, competitions, British accents, and streetwear.

Somehow, in early 2017, I stumbled across the PAQ boys when I was in a YouTube rabbit hole one day. I think they had just put out their third episode (Pretty sure it was on the KYRA TV channel, because they didn’t have their own yet). Curious, I clicked on it. Then I went back and watched episode 1 and 2.

I just finished watching episode number 42…

(I posted the latest episode at the bottom of this post along with a link to their YouTube channel if you want to skip all my bs rambling and just watch it for yourself)

For those of you that are still listening, I’m gonna keep talking. It seems like there’s a reality tv show for EVERYTHING these days. And to narrow it down even further, there’s a reality tv COMPETITION show for everything.

Into tattoos, cool, got you. Renovating houses? You get your own CHANNEL. But streetwear? Nothing.

These four guys figured out where we, as a society, were lacking and filled the void for us. They give us 20 minutes a week (every Thursday there’s a new episode) where they compete against each other in some new challenge. And this shit is funny.

It’s  four twentysomething year old friends (Dex, Elias, Danny, & Shaq) who like streetwear and decided to compete against each other on YouTube every week for our viewing pleasure. And it’s starting to get noticed. They’ve done collabs with Levi’s, Spotify, Foot Locker, Converse, and HighSnobiety to name a few.

Anyways, enough from me. Check em out yourself. Or bookmark it for the next rainy day when you run out of Netflix shows to watch.

Here's the link to the PAQ channel on YouTube in case you're hooked, or at least still slightly interested. 


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