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Fifty Six North


Everyone has a story; and ours began from small-town roots. In a small Alaskan town at 56° North to be precise.

Fifty Six North was created out of necessity. The need to do more, be more, dream more, live more. Born from a realization that there could be more to life than the daily grind. That our past accomplishments and failures don't define us, they are only lessons, to be done with what we choose. This brand was created to bring together people who are passionate; the creators, the hedonists, the lovers of life.

 It was given the name Fifty Six North in honor of our roots. The hope being, it could be a reminder to us all. That no matter where we came from, that no matter what people think we're capable of (or not capable of), to continue to hustle. Chase your dreams. Learn. Create. Explore. But most importantly- it's a reminder to never forget where we came from and where we want to go.

We want people to wear and see our brand on others out in the world, and know that they are a part of a tribe. A clique. The #56Clique.

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